Chocolate bars usually consist of uniform sized pieces with a certain flavour or filling. There is an expectation and ritual to its consumption. By challenging the traditional chocolate tablet with various sized pieces and hidden flavours, it engages an interactive experience through the physical form with the additional unexpected element of taste.
The design of the chocolate pieces is based on the mathematical ratio of Pythagorean triples. A spiral of triangular pieces leading to the central square suggests a critical, though not absolute, path of consumption. The packaging is inspired by the methodologies of origami. The outer wrap is sealed with a square sticker that is the same size and orientation as the centre piece of chocolate, bridging the link between package and product.
By integrating within the Green & Black’s brand it echoes the concept of the strangely familiar that is only true alongside the existence of a familiar which validates it.
As the wrap is unfolded, the chocolate pieces are revealed, waiting to be experienced.
honeycomb + almond flavour
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